Monday, November 30, 2009

Monte Carlo, New Moon, ding dong ditch, and a little slice of home

A picture from Monte Carlo night! :]
That's B3 for ya! :] It was really fun actually. I enjoyed most of the night, emphasis on most of the night. It was cold like crap though, and my feet started to hurt by the end of it, but go figure. Watched a bunch of them gamble away their chips, even though most of them had no idea. I prefered dancing! :] This was quiet so time ago now though... cause it was the same week Sara came to visit.

I also went to the Katipunan Gobble Gobble event. It was pretty fun and I have a Kuya now! ;] He's pretty cool but was also kind of one of them awkward kind of moments cause I didn't know what to do or say...

That saturday we went to see New Moon with Michelle, Kelly, Janel, and even dragged Elo along! :] Which you can see above! :] I got proof!
It was okay overall, 100% better than Twilight, first time I've seen a sequel that was that much better than the first. The really good parts were just Jacob and his oh so amazing hot abs though! Holy Crap i just wanted to touch them!! lol
But overall it was a so so movie. I won't be watching it twice in theaters.

This is what happens when Amber is gone for the weekend... haha But really Jorge was hiding away from Kelly and Michelle because he likes to play the dorm version of ding dong ditch only more like rattle the door knob and run away.

He was scared at this point, very scared... haha

And Max can never pass up a time from teasing Kelly and Michelle either.
But the only one who did get someone hurt, was Elo when Michelle threw an air freshener at his balls. go figure something like that would happen! :]

And Kelly's new obsession with Twilight (b/c of Jacob! :]) she got Isabel's extra New Moon poster that Kelly has to return eventually. But this is all the guys can do. Pretty funny though because Jorge and Elo should be so switched by looks... lol but of course Bella becomes Miley Cyrus for the inside jokes. I'm so tempted to go into photoshop and actually put the pictures in said located spots.

And Thanksgiving was fun. I had caught up on SOOO much sleep it was pretty amazing! :] But picture is my youngest cousin Zoie. Grandma kept calling her "Joey" cause of that lovely pilipino accent. It was pretty funny cause then she was like what kind of name is that? haha Grandma Leony I love you for that line. She was really cute though because she was just so intreagued with Sophie the dog while her sister was screaming the after Sophie would come one step into the room. Go figure...

Now it's back to R'side and I can't believe that I went to bed at 4, and have been up since 7:45, then again, I almost didn't wake up this morning.
And found out my essay was pushed back! :] thank goodness! It's due day of the final, so that kind of sucks because I have my first final that Saturday then Sunday is the "secret santa" even though it's more of don't tell the person you have kind of deal. haha
But I can't WAIT for winter break already... It's going to be the first one in a long while that I didn't have any homework to do and it's even 3 weeks! ;]
So I'm back home where I can pay video games and sleep as much as I want by Dec. 12th! :]

And North people watch out! I'll be heading there one day on you're last week cause I miss everyone there!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The letters I sent out the other day. see proof of them at least closed, addressed, and stamped on my desk! :]

And I needed to finish a paper yesterday, and the day before was in the Science library where I actually CHECK out books. It was kinda cool, I was like amazed with home many books there were I don't know why, but I was! :] lol

Yesterday after i blogged, we learned vectors. and guess who used e as a variable... yes, my math professor. I watched these two start to raise and put down their hands the whole time because they were like omg!! haha but then he changed it to upside down e cause he "even made us yell it"

And today on campus they were giving out this book. The origin of Species by Charles Darwin. I was pretty amazed it's been 150 years since he first published it. It should help me in bio anthroplogy, that is of course if i read it.

I found this in the book though, I find it kind of weird. It's one of them will you go to heaven things. Now I'm confused... is it supposed to be a religious thing or a evolution kind of thing.
But at least now I think I know what i'll write about in my debate essay coming up! ;] haha

I really don't like that miles cyrus is on it though... that just sucked... bleh
but it reminded me of that episode of family guy where she was like a robot. it was funny for watching at 3 am when I couldn't fall asleep.

and note: Recess is on the disney channel at 4am. I found out when I turned the TV on cause I needed to slow myself down so I could fall asleep. but at least I had better sleep, even if only 4 hours, than I have like all week.
But the coffee might also be in effect right now.

I went and got a donut. and i saw my TA for math. I don't know why, but I really didn't want him to notice me. It was kinda weird... but I also saw I guy that reminded me of Hamilton but that could jut be because Donna mentioned if anyone knew where he was going to school.

and i got another copy of that book! so if anyone wants one, hit me up and i'll send it to you. Maybe i'll get another one... you never know. hehe! :]

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

goodness gracious, so much to do so little time.

in class again... no joke. math this time too with only a min. before he starts, but he's not here yet so i guess i'm somewhat okay. at least no midterm! :]

woo! but seriously, there is just so much to do lately. Essay number 4 due tomorrow and i still need at least another page and better conclusion before I can turn it in. I've had no meals on my meal plan though! :] good thing cause i need it for brunch on the weekend yet gain.
then there is a midterm on thursday. math's second midterm and it's going to probably be hell...
boo to logs and all that stuff. not fun at all.
yesterday I sent to the science library and actually looked and checked out book! seriously. got a pic of them on my desk.

and I also send out my letters to donna, riju, and mommy yesterday. didn't forget! :]

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's been a while world

It's been a couple weeks now. And i have been planning to blog, don't get me wrong, but
1. I've had no great pictures of well anything.
2. Laziness has gotten a good part of me on anything that isn't homework or school work.
3. School has picked up just a little bit.
On 3 i mean as in Im starting to get restless in the fact that finals are right around the corner, two weeks after thanksgiving an it's starting to freak me out a bit. I just feel like I don't remember everything that I really need to. And to top it off, my math 2nd midterm is thursday. so it's starting to get to me.
But what's happened since halloween... lots of crap.
There was Monte Carlo night here. that wasn't too bad at all. i actually had fun with Sara because she came to visit, and dancing, and just dressing up again. I didn't realize I'd miss doing that kind of thing.
The saturday before I had the worst mall trip ever, that I'd rather not remember it.
yesterday though I actually got to studying! :] really proud of that. even with the story of a guy masturbating while his roommate was there was pretty disturbing.
and I need to send off my mail today. Got mail for Riju, Donna, and my mommy which I've put off for a while now. haha. go figure. I mean look at where I'm writing my post today: before my biological anthropoly discussion! :]

oh and I'm really thinking about going to UCLA for the protest. I really don't need a hike in prices.... :[

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's National Novel Writing Month!!

It's Nanowrimo time! and I really REALLY wanna do it... but I'm not sure if i will... we shall see! :]

i really do wanna do this, but i mean 50,000 words is a lot!

anyway i forgot to mention this on friday. it was really random, Frank messaged me and asked me about filipinos...

I explained...
and asked if it was okay to do it to bea. haha

I thought that was pretty funny. I really didn't care. Frank was excited about it though.
I was in the science library at the time with E-lo and Michelle. And really didn't get any work done in the study room. but I did work on what classes I want for next quarter so at least I did do something.
When we got back, Kenji was showing us his Greaser costume. and he was rockin' it.

And this was around midnight already. So we were in friday morning really but we were all awake. And since the c-store was still open, some people started getting food, meaning everyone still awake had the midnight munchies! :] But talk about freshmen 15...

Somehow this happened. Well really we all started talking, even though it's quiet hours, in the middle of the hallway between kenji and asa's and mine and amber's doorways. And this was already after the RA's on duty walked by... and sarah was just sitting there, elo kind of panned across the hall, kelly got max's snuggie and then kenji got on top. typical. haha
Max, Mo, and Asa had gone to a concert in LA so there were bets on when they were going to get back.
And Elbert was doing a little rave kinda dance in Kenji's room that just kept me cracking up! :]
Lets say we that were partying in the hall went to bed around 2 am ish because there were 8 am classes, and i had one of them.
I stayed up though... had to get ready for the morning since I HATE mornings and typically just running into class. Yet 2:45 i heard lots of noise. a lot of the frats/soririties had gotten back as well as marissa who was taken to a party for making Katanpunan board. and then I had to leave a note on Kelly and Michelle's door. which then i learned about michelle talking and throwing things in her sleep when kelly opened the door. She couldn't fall asleep herself.
Then saw max, mo and asa who got back around then. so Sarah won with 3 am.

and out of all mornings, I got up early! ;] I was actually early and had time to relax heading to class. When I got to class, the professor had just let them all out but he let me go ahead and sit down and left a nice music to movie clip youtube video as a halloween treat. I was like OH SHIT! at first... i mean it was asian horror movie clips. but wasn't too bad. I was able to snap a pic before it finished though...

Kinda creepy right... haha i wasn't even watching the screen when i snapped the pic. but that's what i got. haha

I also had my 4th hot cocoa! :] that was between my first and second class when I wanted something hot.

it was very good and then I studied.
The rest of the day was whatever. I got more points though on my math quiz because he forgot to add points up on my quiz thank god because it was low like crap. It's still low, but I think I did really well on the quiz that day, so hopefully that saves me a bit.

I took this on the way home from riverside. I love the view, if only it wasn't always so smoggy... haha

This was on Riju's Birthday! ;] yes halloween back in torrance. I was bored in the car and this was after we dropped my sister off and were on the way to go trick or treating with my lil sister's friends. it was pretty fun. especially watching a little girl go a little coocoo after too much candy! :]

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Battle of the Halls

I was so going to post last night... I really was... but Battle of the Halls, that just took EVERYTHING out of me.

It was pretty fun though and battle of all the Lothian Halls. D1 won, but we didn't do too bad either! :]]
we got 2nd in spirited hall and someone said 5th for overall. and we actually had SHIRTS! :] light blue with an LA symbol just cause the hall is LA themed. Can't seem to get away... haha

It was pretty cool though, the shirts I mean, cause we all had nicknames on the back with it saing "B3AST" on the front...

Amber with the B3 Sign! :]

Kelly and Steven dancing!

It's Jorge on Elo's back and Kelly laughing in his face. go figure haha

Sarah at the Wrap contest. that girl is too legit. she ate that thing like that was the last thing on earth.

Today was my easy day! I love thursday!! too bad i woke up earlier than wanted to cause Amber forgot her scantron, so i had to get it to her.
The rest of the day I just stayed in my dorm room and watched tv. So bad... I was supposed to study but you know when there is a TV and free time, that sounds SO much better!!
Math was fun though. Seriously never had as much fun then. well last time it wasn't too bad, with his little mistake of "negative flower" instead of "negative power" and was surprised he actually called it out.
Today though, he made us yell "e is not a variable" with shaking fists and really yelling it. It was pretty funny though. Never thought something like that would happen in math.

Now I'm in the library and haven't done really anything. pure laziness... doesn't help that midterms are pretty much over though. but i got free halloween pretzels! :]

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How do you post everyday?

still haven't gotten the hang of posting everyday.
I don't think I will, but instead of writing my rough draft I've decided to post. go figure. I swear maybe I do still have a little bit of senioritis within me... deep down.

I found out what I'm getting in math. B-... so not good but at least I survived my first math final. I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong now that I think about it though. I thought I did better anyway but there are still quizzes and the second midterm and FINAL. so not looking forward to finals. But I find myself really in a time constraint lately. I think college is finally starting to pick up which is good and bad at the same time.

I went back to see north's homecoming game this past weekend. That was actually really fun. I got to see people I haven't seen in a while, but seriously felt like an alumni now. It was really weird but I really did feel kinda like the outsider even though I've been taking classes at north since 8th grade. It was nice to see people though. Julie stayed at my house during that time, and then she went with frank to homecoming dance and she said the DJ was pretty good. sucks that I had to miss the dance with the good DJ... just kidding. lol

We then finished watching My Super Pyscho Sweet 16. It was interesting. kinda creepy, didn't help that when the guy in the movie took the mask off, commercials went on and he was replaced in a second by the scream dude. just so was not expecting that.

Sadly not many pictures. one of laziness.

Had a midterm on monday for bio anthro. it went okay. I'm hoping i did well enough. I just want Bs. I am aiming for As but I don't think I'll be getting them anytime soon... so don't study enough. Monday went to the mall after all my classes.
Note though: Don't let Elo, Max and Kenji ALL sit in the back seat of the car. or should just say that even though they're in college, some guys can still act as if they're in Kindergarden again.

Today kind of sucked. So got pretty much caught in how dumb I am in english... but then again that's why I'm in college right?? haha I sure hope so. Then lunch at lattitude 55. it was pretty cool hanging out with everyone there though. They played darts and sarah is just that legit at darts... and I also realized I've probably always played darts wrong... FAIL
Then had to run to micheals and target. Shirt for battle of the halls tomorrow! :] and then soda from target. need some kind of drink BESIDES water... haha so bad. I have one of those feelings I'll fall into the Freshmen 30 thing... bleh and yes I know they only say 15 but the way I'm going so far, 15 would be great... haha
Math lecture sucked... and again didn't take ANY pictures. I'm not sure why... I had my camera the whole time with me too...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This is for Annie

Because I've been slacking and talked to Annie today, I figured I really did need to update so I guess here's a long one.... lol

So Friday was the UCR basketball kickoff and the end of a really really long week. I had my very first midterm and i think I did pretty dang well if I do say so myself!! :] it was math and cause my math is pretty low here I think I did fine No A b/c of a dang word problem but I'm over it. lol
B3 also decided to go to the UV so that was fun.

so the pictures uploaded funny... but anyway...

This is what I'm living with... :[ haha jk
they're great! :]

Kelly and Kenji... aww how cute! haha no they're not dating lol

In the shady ass elevator that's in the hall. It keeps breaking down but apperently they finally fixed the ground that was falling apart.

Seems as if they went all out! :]

this was kelly trying to save seats in the gym during the Midnight Madness basketball kickoff.
Overall it was actually kind of lame, but it was fun.

The rest of the night consisted of everyone playing the grudge game while I watched TV. not my kinda thing... lol and then next day it was off back to Torrance!! :]

I had Steve's twice! omg so GOOD!!! :]

my tomato plant... it's kinda dying but has so many little tomatos! :]

another shot!

my sister saw this at the disney store and wanted it then and there...
go figure. this is what my weekend broke down to... haha

But then I saw Sarah and Breanna at the Galleria and was just excited to have seen someone from North! :]

This was one of the lights that were on the table when I went to the family birthday party.
I thought it was really pretty! :]

Where I had dinner and thought it was funny that UCR is really looking for students this much haha.

but overall it was a pretty busy weekend. haha
Laundry was done while I was home but the rest of the time was like sleeping and homework. Bleh... so much work and so much procrastination...
and i still got one more midterm. on monday which will be interesting... haha
no pictures of monday and tuesday though...
i'll start taking more though. :]


Friday, October 16, 2009

my pillow smells like elo... eww

I write this while I should be finishing my essay for my class at 8... watch me miss class again... :[
my pillow smells now... all thanks to elo.
I liked today though. Very proud of myself. I stayed away during my first mid term! and actually knew what I was doing on my midterm. haha yay! :] and then I was able to study all afternoon, b/c I happened to decide to get up later, just so I wasn't as tired that afternoon. and it went well overall! :] yay one class to worry a little less until the next quiz. boo to that!
also went to the library ag
ain, but being in a group in the study lounge, that didn't help or keep me focused, especially with the weekend so close and my midterm over!! :]
Library was interesting though.
i did write math on that board when I was able to.... but it ended in hangman...
and by this point, Michelle was the last one actually trying.

That didn't last long though...

in the clouds. not surprised at all

it was an interesting day.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I really should make use of this thing. but i got to say, college is feeling a lot like senior year. I don't wanna do the work, and there is just so much of it... i'm behind on reading already. but go figure. I can't change overnight. I'd like to say though I am keeping up in math and all my homework has been turned in so far. There is just so much to do and I wanna get involved, but talk about hard to do that.
Everyone keeps asking about college... it's not too bad. I think I'm going to try to do that whole pictures an
d post everyday. And there is always something interesting going on. I think I'll start Friday. We're having a big kick off to the basketball season on friday and it means lots of free stuff! :] as well as lots of interesting things to say the least.
I'm happy to say I'm going home this weekend. Partly cause I'll have a ride. Partly to get away. I was actually planning to go to UCI this weekend but said no cause i thought I'd have to go get my computer fixed over the weekend, but I guess not cause Lori and Layne, who made up again finally, came on monday and took my computer home and my mom had to drop it off today. So i've lost all my music and videos for about 1 - 1.5 weeks! :[
But also ment I had to get a new computer, especially cause this week I have so much online stuff I had to do. S
o it's another mac book pro. smaller though. I like the smaller size, easier to carry around. I like it but it's different and still getting us to the changes and all. Like where everything is for one. The longer battery is a real plus though! :]]
But what happened to my other one? just decided it didn't wanna start up anymore... so it's in the shop. It kept doing and I was actually surprised it was stilling doing that when my mom took it to the store today. But yay for 3 years of apple care!! :]
Kinda sad though cause my computer isn't even 3 and has already had the battery changed and now in the shop to get fixed.
I should be heading to bed. First mid term tomorrow. and in math.
I've found myself really doubting myself so I'm going to have to wake up early tomorrow to do that. Then the final is
at 5 pm but after it's all about hitting the books again cause I still got Friday classes to deal with... boo
i really need to finish this book though.

Eventually I will, or at least catch up i guess you could say.
One thing about college though, EVERYTHING IS ONLINE HERE!!
while UCR claims to be going green, which they aren't doing a very good job AT ALL at it. they are saving on paper by making students print things and send things in all via the internet. but here's the catch, the dorms have no wifi... lame! so hard wire it is.
I'm still waiting for Donna's mail. I'm excited, i think it should be here tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 2

Today was actually pretty fun. Played clue and Cranium. Cranium was crazy! Met people in A side of West lo and they were all pretty fun. My side is finally opening up too and that was nice to finally be able to talk to people in our hall. So many people that I've forgoten my name and sure they forgot mine too but who knows!
We also had our convication tonight and got a free meal out of it. The convication included an english professor I know I'm not going to want... She talked longer than Liftin usually did, and everyone knows he can go on for hours. The free part after was fun. Free Riverside shirts and there were bouncy houses and well free food haha.
After we came back into the dorms it started out as a Greek watching party in one guys room and then lead to meeting people in A side and eventually getting rid of Amber's cookies so they didn't go stale and then found a group of guys with rock band. That was fun! :] Especially because it lead to hanging out until about half hour ago now.
I'm surprised that I met so many people though. It surprises me that I'm in college at the same time but it turned out pretty good in the end.
We'll see what tomorrow brings! :]

sorry for the bouncing and missing a butt load of details, but if you haven't noticed it's 1 in the morning and the frat party group still hasn't even been back! haha

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Move in Day

It was pretty sad... I had to take down my harry potter calender in my room and i got a picture of that empty space that has always held my calender... and even though all my stuff is still in there, my sister has now moved into my bedroom and I've been feeling the homesickness already, especially talking to my mom thru facebook and posting a bunch of pictures on my wall.
Moving into the dorm was well interesting. And everything is pretty much settled except for the clothes which I need to do eventually.
I wanna watch ABDC tonight, but don't know if i really will be able to due to "meeting at 9" bleh. We'll see how that goes.
Overall, moving in was well hot and tiring and I am just tired. I kind of want to be able to go home to torrance just because it's cooler and I like my big bed! :] I mean a queen to a xl twin bed. yup not fun at all. But it isn't too bad. I was able to get all my stuff, which I thought was really a lot but it was actually less than some people.
So I'm in West Lothian on the 3rd floor. Not too bad if you think about it, except for all the walking up and down stairs but it's good exercise in the end. But the theme is "Los Angeles" that's pretty lame when you think about the fact that LA is only what? an hour away?!?! But everyone seems really nice so far and now people are finally starting to talk which is good!
But really it seems like guys come really unprepared... I've been asked about borrowing a pen, extra cork pins, and if i had change for a 20....

Boy, it's going to be an interesting year! Wish I was meeting more people though...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Watching So You Think You Can Dance and after GLEE! :]
So excited to be able to watch sytycd during the fall for once, even if I won't be able to dance and perform for sure this year.
I'm happy for once, but it's pretty much just because of SYTYCD and Glee. Just so excited and love the date! haha just so interesting, so many nines! :] lol

okay besides the date and all the shows starting again.
well really don't have much just really excited to be watching So You Think You Can Dance and Glee!! :]

Fun Fact when tap dancers "battle" it's called "Trading"! :]

Monday, September 7, 2009

College Countdown

It's sad to say, but i pretty much just realized how much more I wanna get done before school starts. Which I know most won't happen. Such as finally reading twilight or re-reading the last harry potter novel. It's all due to my lack to time management, it being really hot, me not being able to focus too long when I don't have to. And my latest addiction to Professor Layton and the Diabolical box. I got it last week, opened it the say after I got it and I've already racked up over 12 hours of playing time. and if my mother didn't like super duper lock up the dang internet access I'd be able to download weekly puzzles. damn.
But I'm kind of excited now. Because I've decided to forget about trying to hang out with someone too much now and just focus on leaving for Riverside. Which gets me to the point of needing to go clean up a lot of things, to pack up my room that has pretty much every nicknack patty-whack items. And I need to pull out the sewing machine back out so that I can finally finish my blanket that is WAY to big than needed (king size), make a denim purse already, make another stoopid creature for Sabrina and make my body pillow case.
I kind of feel like I'm bringing too much to dang college...
we'll see I guess! now off to fix my pillow cause i finally found the hold where the little circle beads are coming out of yay! :]

Hours of Puzzles: 12
Projects to do: too many to count
Days until moving into dorms: 13

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer Blues

As much as I really should be enjoying this extra time of summer, I feel more like I'm wasting it. I don't think I am, because I still do have some sewing to do, but ever since the sewing machine went away from the coffee table in front of the tv and into the computer room, i don't feel like moving it. I know, Danielle that's bad 'cause now you can't get to things easily.

But truly I've been feeling like hanging out with certain people just isn't the same. Okay, really just hanging out with Lori/even talking to her just doesn't feel the same anymore. Doesn't seem the same. Like I saw and hung out with amber and that felt normal, Saw Jen and Annie at north during registration and they were in high spirits and made me just so happy to see them, been hanging out with Julie all the time and she's still awesome, I mean I even went to Berkeley/Bezerkely and Jessica and Riju's attitudes still felt the same to me as if high school didn't really end only we're not going to the same place. But Lori is just off, just felt weird and it just felt like i ono selfish maybe? just because she's really only thinking about herself and transfering out of elco. She's got her right to wanna get out ASAP but still, like everything she's doing now is just boring and not fun. I don't know, but just glad that isn't the person I remember from high school.

I still haven't seen all of DAMSEL... one's in Utah, another at Azuza, three at elco, and one at santa monica. I really wanted to do a lets all get together thing, but guess who was busy... the one I haven't seen. but whatever just hoping to do SOMETHING with whoever is left before I leave at least.

Hanging out with Donna, Tammy, Dustin, Maya, Derek was good. I really enjoyed that. Probably have given me some really really good times that I regret not being able to make it to go kart world because I've never been. Just like I've never been to Torrance Beach and Rosco's Chicken and Waffles.

And now I can't use the excuse of not living in the area as long anymore because this summer marked me living in the city of torrance for SEVEN years. Yup, count them. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7! It's amazing that 7 years is the longest I've ever lived in the same area my entire life. Bleh I really bet everyone is tired of me talking about me moving around. but seriously 7 years is pretty long. 0-6 (preschool) i was in Vallejo, 6-7 (K-1) was in San Marcos, 8-11 (2-5) was Centreville, 12-18 (6-12) in Torrance. It's just really weird to think it's true. I remember moving to Torrance I didn't think I was ever going to north. So glad I did though.

Okay jumping back though, Summer has been enjoyable. No homework is a good thing! but nerves are really getting to me and when I know I should be packing now, I really can't seem to get myself to. I can't imagine packing up and leaving my parents and sisters yet. But at the same time, I'm ready for this new adventure and excited to start college life. Really I am, but at the same time. At the same time though, I also kind of regretting not applying to certain schools, especially the Art schools I feel maybe I should have went with my passion instead of my training but then again I probably should take the class on computer engineering and see what that brings me too.

Overall, this summer has been my most creative and relaxing ones for a long while now. I'll have to post what exactly I have been working on. and I'm proud of all of it. I'm even amazed I got it all to work.

Projects completed: 6
Incomplete Projects: 4
To even Start: 5 (including clean my room and pack.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Beginnings

As summer '09 rolls to a close for most, I feel like I haven't done much. I've done different things this summer, and nothing related to high school homework but at the same time feels so incomplete. Maybe it's just because so many people are starting and I still have a month before move in. Bleh Scary stuff is how I'm feeling about that.
But I'm hoping it all goes well.