Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This is for Annie

Because I've been slacking and talked to Annie today, I figured I really did need to update so I guess here's a long one.... lol

So Friday was the UCR basketball kickoff and the end of a really really long week. I had my very first midterm and i think I did pretty dang well if I do say so myself!! :] it was math and cause my math is pretty low here I think I did fine No A b/c of a dang word problem but I'm over it. lol
B3 also decided to go to the UV so that was fun.

so the pictures uploaded funny... but anyway...

This is what I'm living with... :[ haha jk
they're great! :]

Kelly and Kenji... aww how cute! haha no they're not dating lol

In the shady ass elevator that's in the hall. It keeps breaking down but apperently they finally fixed the ground that was falling apart.

Seems as if they went all out! :]

this was kelly trying to save seats in the gym during the Midnight Madness basketball kickoff.
Overall it was actually kind of lame, but it was fun.

The rest of the night consisted of everyone playing the grudge game while I watched TV. not my kinda thing... lol and then next day it was off back to Torrance!! :]

I had Steve's twice! omg so GOOD!!! :]

my tomato plant... it's kinda dying but has so many little tomatos! :]

another shot!

my sister saw this at the disney store and wanted it then and there...
go figure. this is what my weekend broke down to... haha

But then I saw Sarah and Breanna at the Galleria and was just excited to have seen someone from North! :]

This was one of the lights that were on the table when I went to the family birthday party.
I thought it was really pretty! :]

Where I had dinner and thought it was funny that UCR is really looking for students this much haha.

but overall it was a pretty busy weekend. haha
Laundry was done while I was home but the rest of the time was like sleeping and homework. Bleh... so much work and so much procrastination...
and i still got one more midterm. on monday which will be interesting... haha
no pictures of monday and tuesday though...
i'll start taking more though. :]


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