Friday, October 16, 2009

my pillow smells like elo... eww

I write this while I should be finishing my essay for my class at 8... watch me miss class again... :[
my pillow smells now... all thanks to elo.
I liked today though. Very proud of myself. I stayed away during my first mid term! and actually knew what I was doing on my midterm. haha yay! :] and then I was able to study all afternoon, b/c I happened to decide to get up later, just so I wasn't as tired that afternoon. and it went well overall! :] yay one class to worry a little less until the next quiz. boo to that!
also went to the library ag
ain, but being in a group in the study lounge, that didn't help or keep me focused, especially with the weekend so close and my midterm over!! :]
Library was interesting though.
i did write math on that board when I was able to.... but it ended in hangman...
and by this point, Michelle was the last one actually trying.

That didn't last long though...

in the clouds. not surprised at all

it was an interesting day.

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