Thursday, October 15, 2009


I really should make use of this thing. but i got to say, college is feeling a lot like senior year. I don't wanna do the work, and there is just so much of it... i'm behind on reading already. but go figure. I can't change overnight. I'd like to say though I am keeping up in math and all my homework has been turned in so far. There is just so much to do and I wanna get involved, but talk about hard to do that.
Everyone keeps asking about college... it's not too bad. I think I'm going to try to do that whole pictures an
d post everyday. And there is always something interesting going on. I think I'll start Friday. We're having a big kick off to the basketball season on friday and it means lots of free stuff! :] as well as lots of interesting things to say the least.
I'm happy to say I'm going home this weekend. Partly cause I'll have a ride. Partly to get away. I was actually planning to go to UCI this weekend but said no cause i thought I'd have to go get my computer fixed over the weekend, but I guess not cause Lori and Layne, who made up again finally, came on monday and took my computer home and my mom had to drop it off today. So i've lost all my music and videos for about 1 - 1.5 weeks! :[
But also ment I had to get a new computer, especially cause this week I have so much online stuff I had to do. S
o it's another mac book pro. smaller though. I like the smaller size, easier to carry around. I like it but it's different and still getting us to the changes and all. Like where everything is for one. The longer battery is a real plus though! :]]
But what happened to my other one? just decided it didn't wanna start up anymore... so it's in the shop. It kept doing and I was actually surprised it was stilling doing that when my mom took it to the store today. But yay for 3 years of apple care!! :]
Kinda sad though cause my computer isn't even 3 and has already had the battery changed and now in the shop to get fixed.
I should be heading to bed. First mid term tomorrow. and in math.
I've found myself really doubting myself so I'm going to have to wake up early tomorrow to do that. Then the final is
at 5 pm but after it's all about hitting the books again cause I still got Friday classes to deal with... boo
i really need to finish this book though.

Eventually I will, or at least catch up i guess you could say.
One thing about college though, EVERYTHING IS ONLINE HERE!!
while UCR claims to be going green, which they aren't doing a very good job AT ALL at it. they are saving on paper by making students print things and send things in all via the internet. but here's the catch, the dorms have no wifi... lame! so hard wire it is.
I'm still waiting for Donna's mail. I'm excited, i think it should be here tomorrow.

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