Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's National Novel Writing Month!!

It's Nanowrimo time! and I really REALLY wanna do it... but I'm not sure if i will... we shall see! :]

i really do wanna do this, but i mean 50,000 words is a lot!

anyway i forgot to mention this on friday. it was really random, Frank messaged me and asked me about filipinos...

I explained...
and asked if it was okay to do it to bea. haha

I thought that was pretty funny. I really didn't care. Frank was excited about it though.
I was in the science library at the time with E-lo and Michelle. And really didn't get any work done in the study room. but I did work on what classes I want for next quarter so at least I did do something.
When we got back, Kenji was showing us his Greaser costume. and he was rockin' it.

And this was around midnight already. So we were in friday morning really but we were all awake. And since the c-store was still open, some people started getting food, meaning everyone still awake had the midnight munchies! :] But talk about freshmen 15...

Somehow this happened. Well really we all started talking, even though it's quiet hours, in the middle of the hallway between kenji and asa's and mine and amber's doorways. And this was already after the RA's on duty walked by... and sarah was just sitting there, elo kind of panned across the hall, kelly got max's snuggie and then kenji got on top. typical. haha
Max, Mo, and Asa had gone to a concert in LA so there were bets on when they were going to get back.
And Elbert was doing a little rave kinda dance in Kenji's room that just kept me cracking up! :]
Lets say we that were partying in the hall went to bed around 2 am ish because there were 8 am classes, and i had one of them.
I stayed up though... had to get ready for the morning since I HATE mornings and typically just running into class. Yet 2:45 i heard lots of noise. a lot of the frats/soririties had gotten back as well as marissa who was taken to a party for making Katanpunan board. and then I had to leave a note on Kelly and Michelle's door. which then i learned about michelle talking and throwing things in her sleep when kelly opened the door. She couldn't fall asleep herself.
Then saw max, mo and asa who got back around then. so Sarah won with 3 am.

and out of all mornings, I got up early! ;] I was actually early and had time to relax heading to class. When I got to class, the professor had just let them all out but he let me go ahead and sit down and left a nice music to movie clip youtube video as a halloween treat. I was like OH SHIT! at first... i mean it was asian horror movie clips. but wasn't too bad. I was able to snap a pic before it finished though...

Kinda creepy right... haha i wasn't even watching the screen when i snapped the pic. but that's what i got. haha

I also had my 4th hot cocoa! :] that was between my first and second class when I wanted something hot.

it was very good and then I studied.
The rest of the day was whatever. I got more points though on my math quiz because he forgot to add points up on my quiz thank god because it was low like crap. It's still low, but I think I did really well on the quiz that day, so hopefully that saves me a bit.

I took this on the way home from riverside. I love the view, if only it wasn't always so smoggy... haha

This was on Riju's Birthday! ;] yes halloween back in torrance. I was bored in the car and this was after we dropped my sister off and were on the way to go trick or treating with my lil sister's friends. it was pretty fun. especially watching a little girl go a little coocoo after too much candy! :]


  1. Duuude my brother's attempting the November Novel thing...! You should totally do it Danielle :) :)

    That hot cocoa looks damn good

  2. I hope you got a ton of loot on Halloween! I'm making it a point next year to get a costume and fully go trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Also, good luck with the novel thing, although on top of all your courses, it might be a bit of an endeavor lol. Study first! You are asian, afteralL!