Tuesday, November 17, 2009

goodness gracious, so much to do so little time.

in class again... no joke. math this time too with only a min. before he starts, but he's not here yet so i guess i'm somewhat okay. at least no midterm! :]

woo! but seriously, there is just so much to do lately. Essay number 4 due tomorrow and i still need at least another page and better conclusion before I can turn it in. I've had no meals on my meal plan though! :] good thing cause i need it for brunch on the weekend yet gain.
then there is a midterm on thursday. math's second midterm and it's going to probably be hell...
boo to logs and all that stuff. not fun at all.
yesterday I sent to the science library and actually looked and checked out book! seriously. got a pic of them on my desk.

and I also send out my letters to donna, riju, and mommy yesterday. didn't forget! :]

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