Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How do you post everyday?

still haven't gotten the hang of posting everyday.
I don't think I will, but instead of writing my rough draft I've decided to post. go figure. I swear maybe I do still have a little bit of senioritis within me... deep down.

I found out what I'm getting in math. B-... so not good but at least I survived my first math final. I'm not sure exactly what I did wrong now that I think about it though. I thought I did better anyway but there are still quizzes and the second midterm and FINAL. so not looking forward to finals. But I find myself really in a time constraint lately. I think college is finally starting to pick up which is good and bad at the same time.

I went back to see north's homecoming game this past weekend. That was actually really fun. I got to see people I haven't seen in a while, but seriously felt like an alumni now. It was really weird but I really did feel kinda like the outsider even though I've been taking classes at north since 8th grade. It was nice to see people though. Julie stayed at my house during that time, and then she went with frank to homecoming dance and she said the DJ was pretty good. sucks that I had to miss the dance with the good DJ... just kidding. lol

We then finished watching My Super Pyscho Sweet 16. It was interesting. kinda creepy, didn't help that when the guy in the movie took the mask off, commercials went on and he was replaced in a second by the scream dude. just so was not expecting that.

Sadly not many pictures. one of laziness.

Had a midterm on monday for bio anthro. it went okay. I'm hoping i did well enough. I just want Bs. I am aiming for As but I don't think I'll be getting them anytime soon... so don't study enough. Monday went to the mall after all my classes.
Note though: Don't let Elo, Max and Kenji ALL sit in the back seat of the car. or should just say that even though they're in college, some guys can still act as if they're in Kindergarden again.

Today kind of sucked. So got pretty much caught in how dumb I am in english... but then again that's why I'm in college right?? haha I sure hope so. Then lunch at lattitude 55. it was pretty cool hanging out with everyone there though. They played darts and sarah is just that legit at darts... and I also realized I've probably always played darts wrong... FAIL
Then had to run to micheals and target. Shirt for battle of the halls tomorrow! :] and then soda from target. need some kind of drink BESIDES water... haha so bad. I have one of those feelings I'll fall into the Freshmen 30 thing... bleh and yes I know they only say 15 but the way I'm going so far, 15 would be great... haha
Math lecture sucked... and again didn't take ANY pictures. I'm not sure why... I had my camera the whole time with me too...

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