Sunday, September 20, 2009

Move in Day

It was pretty sad... I had to take down my harry potter calender in my room and i got a picture of that empty space that has always held my calender... and even though all my stuff is still in there, my sister has now moved into my bedroom and I've been feeling the homesickness already, especially talking to my mom thru facebook and posting a bunch of pictures on my wall.
Moving into the dorm was well interesting. And everything is pretty much settled except for the clothes which I need to do eventually.
I wanna watch ABDC tonight, but don't know if i really will be able to due to "meeting at 9" bleh. We'll see how that goes.
Overall, moving in was well hot and tiring and I am just tired. I kind of want to be able to go home to torrance just because it's cooler and I like my big bed! :] I mean a queen to a xl twin bed. yup not fun at all. But it isn't too bad. I was able to get all my stuff, which I thought was really a lot but it was actually less than some people.
So I'm in West Lothian on the 3rd floor. Not too bad if you think about it, except for all the walking up and down stairs but it's good exercise in the end. But the theme is "Los Angeles" that's pretty lame when you think about the fact that LA is only what? an hour away?!?! But everyone seems really nice so far and now people are finally starting to talk which is good!
But really it seems like guys come really unprepared... I've been asked about borrowing a pen, extra cork pins, and if i had change for a 20....

Boy, it's going to be an interesting year! Wish I was meeting more people though...

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