Thursday, October 29, 2009

Battle of the Halls

I was so going to post last night... I really was... but Battle of the Halls, that just took EVERYTHING out of me.

It was pretty fun though and battle of all the Lothian Halls. D1 won, but we didn't do too bad either! :]]
we got 2nd in spirited hall and someone said 5th for overall. and we actually had SHIRTS! :] light blue with an LA symbol just cause the hall is LA themed. Can't seem to get away... haha

It was pretty cool though, the shirts I mean, cause we all had nicknames on the back with it saing "B3AST" on the front...

Amber with the B3 Sign! :]

Kelly and Steven dancing!

It's Jorge on Elo's back and Kelly laughing in his face. go figure haha

Sarah at the Wrap contest. that girl is too legit. she ate that thing like that was the last thing on earth.

Today was my easy day! I love thursday!! too bad i woke up earlier than wanted to cause Amber forgot her scantron, so i had to get it to her.
The rest of the day I just stayed in my dorm room and watched tv. So bad... I was supposed to study but you know when there is a TV and free time, that sounds SO much better!!
Math was fun though. Seriously never had as much fun then. well last time it wasn't too bad, with his little mistake of "negative flower" instead of "negative power" and was surprised he actually called it out.
Today though, he made us yell "e is not a variable" with shaking fists and really yelling it. It was pretty funny though. Never thought something like that would happen in math.

Now I'm in the library and haven't done really anything. pure laziness... doesn't help that midterms are pretty much over though. but i got free halloween pretzels! :]

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