Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer Blues

As much as I really should be enjoying this extra time of summer, I feel more like I'm wasting it. I don't think I am, because I still do have some sewing to do, but ever since the sewing machine went away from the coffee table in front of the tv and into the computer room, i don't feel like moving it. I know, Danielle that's bad 'cause now you can't get to things easily.

But truly I've been feeling like hanging out with certain people just isn't the same. Okay, really just hanging out with Lori/even talking to her just doesn't feel the same anymore. Doesn't seem the same. Like I saw and hung out with amber and that felt normal, Saw Jen and Annie at north during registration and they were in high spirits and made me just so happy to see them, been hanging out with Julie all the time and she's still awesome, I mean I even went to Berkeley/Bezerkely and Jessica and Riju's attitudes still felt the same to me as if high school didn't really end only we're not going to the same place. But Lori is just off, just felt weird and it just felt like i ono selfish maybe? just because she's really only thinking about herself and transfering out of elco. She's got her right to wanna get out ASAP but still, like everything she's doing now is just boring and not fun. I don't know, but just glad that isn't the person I remember from high school.

I still haven't seen all of DAMSEL... one's in Utah, another at Azuza, three at elco, and one at santa monica. I really wanted to do a lets all get together thing, but guess who was busy... the one I haven't seen. but whatever just hoping to do SOMETHING with whoever is left before I leave at least.

Hanging out with Donna, Tammy, Dustin, Maya, Derek was good. I really enjoyed that. Probably have given me some really really good times that I regret not being able to make it to go kart world because I've never been. Just like I've never been to Torrance Beach and Rosco's Chicken and Waffles.

And now I can't use the excuse of not living in the area as long anymore because this summer marked me living in the city of torrance for SEVEN years. Yup, count them. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7! It's amazing that 7 years is the longest I've ever lived in the same area my entire life. Bleh I really bet everyone is tired of me talking about me moving around. but seriously 7 years is pretty long. 0-6 (preschool) i was in Vallejo, 6-7 (K-1) was in San Marcos, 8-11 (2-5) was Centreville, 12-18 (6-12) in Torrance. It's just really weird to think it's true. I remember moving to Torrance I didn't think I was ever going to north. So glad I did though.

Okay jumping back though, Summer has been enjoyable. No homework is a good thing! but nerves are really getting to me and when I know I should be packing now, I really can't seem to get myself to. I can't imagine packing up and leaving my parents and sisters yet. But at the same time, I'm ready for this new adventure and excited to start college life. Really I am, but at the same time. At the same time though, I also kind of regretting not applying to certain schools, especially the Art schools I feel maybe I should have went with my passion instead of my training but then again I probably should take the class on computer engineering and see what that brings me too.

Overall, this summer has been my most creative and relaxing ones for a long while now. I'll have to post what exactly I have been working on. and I'm proud of all of it. I'm even amazed I got it all to work.

Projects completed: 6
Incomplete Projects: 4
To even Start: 5 (including clean my room and pack.


  1. Hey Danielle! Welcome to the world of blogging!! :). There's still a ton of time before you leave for UCR and there are still tons of UC people left. Man, I can't even imagine moving from place to place. I've lived in Torrance fahevah and coming out here is just awkward, I'm starting to realize.

  2. It tooke me a while to realize it, a few days after you left, but it's true... it's not that different. The people at college are just like the people at high school... people are people... except they maybe got on average better grades in school. That's all. High school didn't really end, it's just back to school with new people and relaxed regulations (no dress code or bells or "you're not allowed to do this"). I'm sure it will be even more so at Riverside since it's closer - at least people say hella up here.

    You will be fine, Danielle, because you're far enough away from home to have your independence but close enough to come back any weekend. I'm also close by, but I can't come back on a whim, it has to be planned.

    Good luck, let us know how it's going when you get there.