Monday, September 7, 2009

College Countdown

It's sad to say, but i pretty much just realized how much more I wanna get done before school starts. Which I know most won't happen. Such as finally reading twilight or re-reading the last harry potter novel. It's all due to my lack to time management, it being really hot, me not being able to focus too long when I don't have to. And my latest addiction to Professor Layton and the Diabolical box. I got it last week, opened it the say after I got it and I've already racked up over 12 hours of playing time. and if my mother didn't like super duper lock up the dang internet access I'd be able to download weekly puzzles. damn.
But I'm kind of excited now. Because I've decided to forget about trying to hang out with someone too much now and just focus on leaving for Riverside. Which gets me to the point of needing to go clean up a lot of things, to pack up my room that has pretty much every nicknack patty-whack items. And I need to pull out the sewing machine back out so that I can finally finish my blanket that is WAY to big than needed (king size), make a denim purse already, make another stoopid creature for Sabrina and make my body pillow case.
I kind of feel like I'm bringing too much to dang college...
we'll see I guess! now off to fix my pillow cause i finally found the hold where the little circle beads are coming out of yay! :]

Hours of Puzzles: 12
Projects to do: too many to count
Days until moving into dorms: 13


  1. Haha I'm not going to finish any of my summer goals either! :) You are not alone!

  2. I think you should reread the last HP novel!! It was SO GOOD