Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ahh gahh

I kinda of okay really did just give up on the BEDA thing... ehh it got hard .

omg ...

that's what she said.

haha that just put me in a better mood. but overall i kind of got sick of some of the topics so next april is my second chance of BEDA (Blog every day in APRIL) haha and I think I can pull it off and am planning to make it more just daily blogging in general.

Blogging, I don't know why, but I'm actually really starting to enjoy doing for the fun of it and everything. It's very theraputic (spelling?? haha) and even though I know like no one reads it, it's not bad at all either. Hopefully soon means I'm a more avid poster. Hopefully or at least them times of the months cause seriously I've had so many desires to post lately and I was kinda stuck posting what the dang list said... ehh

but goodbye August! I TRIED! :D

Hogwarts train tomorrow! woot!

Gotta Get back to Hogwarts! less than 3 less than 3

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