Wednesday, September 15, 2010

new year, new blog?

ehh not sure. But I'm on tumblr now so follow me!! :D
haha shameless plug! lol

I don't do a typical blog there though but I find it fun.
I'm finding facebook boring too... anyone else? I ono I feel more like a stalker on that site when I'm just that bored.

And this is how I'm ending my summer. I find it kind of sad but at the same time I'm enjoying having so much free time. Summer finally being over is bittersweet to say the least. I barley saw anyone but I enjoyed time at home. Hopefully I have time to finish one more craft project though. We'll see cause I still need to pack for real for the apartment.

The apartment in mind, I'm excited but scared if that makes any sense... that and apprently I'm living with 4 other girls... ehh so I'm crossing my fingers for a drama free year... or at least less drama than the crazy ass shit I've seen in the dorms. we'll see. I'm glad I at least got my own dang room.

but I'm loving my game! :DD It came out on Sunday!

and I'm proud of what I did with my nails. I think they look really pretty! but too forever to do.

so i took this with iphoto and was too lazy to flipp the picture...
but yes that said 11 hours and 79 puzzles found and solved!

I'm Danielle and I'm addicted to Professor Layton Games. haha

While all them guys got their Halo Reach, I got my Professor Layton Puzzles! :D

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  1. I sort of find Facebook boring too. I dunno about stalker but I think the novelty has worn off... still I go there to satisfy my need to know what others are up to... how sad.