Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 11

I really don't want to type this.
But for you grandpa I will.
I have to say sorry first. Because I seem to always forget until that time of year comes when I begin to feel bad that I haven't thought about you in a while. I don't like to think that you're gone, even if it's a better place because it's hard. and to tell you the truth, death scares the crap out of me... like I'm not even going to go there but still.
and even thought I don't think of you much, I miss you more than ever. especially when I do start to think about you. It hurts to think that you're gone and it's hard to realize that you've been gone for more than 7 years now. you were the first person that I was close to that left and I'm glad that I haven't had a lot of losses like many other people.
there are days though, that you just pop into mind and I think wow you've been gone so long and in the end I just hope that you are proud of who I've become so far in life.
See already crying as I try to complete this. It's hard. I just think of all the things back then and I miss you more and more, especially when I think of how you never really got to meet alex or romeo or lea. but to see you again one day I sure do hope and take care of grandpa willie on his way there to be with you.

I love you and miss you.

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