Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain

first off, fuck you.
second. go to hell
third I forgive you because I want to be over you. I want to be done with you so much it's crazy. When my mind is not focused, you still have control over mind mind and I don't know why but I don't want it there in your hands. you shouldn't be allowed to have it and I hate that you still do. Seriously, I forgive you already so that I can take back me.
I hate that I end up checking your facebook hoping that you're hurting, hoping karma finally got your ass cause you've hurt me so much.
I hate that you think you're perfect, that you're just, that you think you can continue to do this to other people
I hate that you become someone I despise so much, I let you into my life thinking you were never gonna do something like this and you did.
I hate that you are such a hypocrite and people don't see it.
I hate that you got me to dislike other people because I was trying to be supportive.
I hate all the days that I tried to support you and you never did the same
I hate that you even have friends. I don't think you deserve them
I hate how people think that one day it will be okay.
that might be the case, but deep down I won't ever forgive you. Deep down I will NEVER trust you again. that boat has sailed and left
I hate that you feel justified in what you did.
I hate that I have to be the bigger person
I hate that I don't have the guts to go in front of your face and tell you exactly how I feel with every ounce of my body
I hate that you'll never feel the pain I feel against you
I hate that I was ever kind to you
I hate that I ever accepted any of your offers.
I hate that I pretended to be okay with you for more than a week while you were more than okay to say everything about me you didn't.
I hate that you always say you wish you weren't what you were.
I hate that you gotta try to be something you're not
I hate that you tried to change your style to fit in
I hate that I let you hinder my performance in school.
I hate that you complain about so many stupid little things.


but most of all,
I'll never read that letter you sent me, do you remember the letter? it was a response to me for mine. there are many times I think about reading it but the truth is and was I won't and never will. I don't ever plan to. If I do, someone else will read it first and then I will but until then don't count on it.

I don't ever count of being friends with you again and one day I will just delete you.
You never helped me succeed and if anything only brought me down.
So fuck you. Have a nice life and I wish for you nothing.

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