Monday, May 31, 2010

I always do this to myself.

Yet another assignment is due tonight and look what I'm doing...

messing around with iphoto again... haha
I've realized though, I think I'm finally finding myself again. I really thing the beginning of the year I lost myself by wanting to fit in, and now. I don't care. I'm just me now! :D
I hope anyway haha

This weekend was amazing though!!
I watched Prince of Persia with half of DAMSEL, LAKERS game at BJ's with PAZOOKIES! :D
i think i forgot to take a picture of them though... sadness right there. but they were good!
and then...
I ran into my seniors!! well 2/3s of them
Then was off to Border to study with Julie for old times sake.
cute guy alert!!! of course i was leaving at the time... boo to that. haha
no picts though...
and dad used the BBQ and we had lobster tails and steak geez it was good to be home this weekend!

Today was nice lazy day too
I pretty much just packed to go back to UCR. like i wanted to... :[ no i don't wanna go where there is stress and hw...

but hey look where i'm at...
but ended up going to eat at Tyler Mall and yay for pretzels and family time. alex got this toy cat from McD's and then when it purred, dad teased sam if it was bower. long story short, she took too long to respond and realized he was teasing her about her bowser impression when he would play Super Mario Galaxy. only sami. haha


In case you don't wanna know what everyone looks like 19 years later... haha don't look at the next pic. haha man it's been crazzy! i even spotted a difference in draco, one time he's got a mustache another day GONE! lol i've looked at too many picts...
but the kids are so cute!!! :D
but I hope at 37 I don't even up looking THAT old... ehh

I just saw this from Snitch Sneeker. Nice to know Rob Patt isn't a complete douche from the fame of being a shinning vampire! haha and yay Taylor! :D

And I can't wait for July just for this! :D
I saw this earlier today an thought it was too funny.

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  1. I have a speech next week on monday.

    I think I'll write it on thursday.

    so probably saturday