Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Friday Friday

So I'm writing this when I should be finishing my creative writing 56 project that is due online in 12.5 hours now.
I'm feeling the laziness kick in oh so much!!
This weeks been up and down for me though.
Emotionally and because of my such little amount of sleep.
If you haven't heard the story, well then I guess we either

if ( have not seen each other since graduation and I miss you SO much )
need to talk soon so I can tell you all about college;
else if ( maybe I don't want to talk to you anymore )
because you killed all my trust in you;
else if (You've been hiding under a rock and still decide not to come out)
if ( you want to know && don't wanna come out )
give me your address to your hidden rock;
else if (you just don't care)
that's fine too, but I'm still ranting about it;

haha man CS is taking over my life so badd!!

But I've just been distracted by a man cleaning all of the windows in the hub...
gah whatever. I'd take a picture, but it's kinda awkward to have to hold my computer and try to take a picture of the dude cleaning the window.

But yes this weeks been kinda crazy. I loved the fact that I got to see the harry potter actors all dressed up for the epilogue and at the same time, wish I didn't see it. I'm torn by the fact I know what to expect but I'm so excited to see how this story finally ends on film. It's going to be amazing and just gives me a feeling of a child at Disneyland.
Besides that, CS is killing me, so much work and I need to finish my programing assignment this week. which then reminds me I need to turn in my lab. f my life!
I'm also been moving stuff around like crazy! I'm so ready to move out now. Just kinda done dealing with all the people in the dorms... If I learned anything from dorm life, it's WHO TO TRUST and who is actually worth my time.

I don't know but I kinda wish I did apply to more schools last year. While I love many of the people I've met here, I also feel that there are so many people here that are just too stupid for their own good. I mean there is a time for playing and having fun, but these people don't seem to do any of that. I'm not going to name names because I'm not stupid and remember that blog post from Jean and how she was talked about like crazy because of it.
I'll let them talk, whatever because I don't think of a lot of them as friends anyway ( i mean come on, none of them where there for me when I needed it the most and that's not a friend and if they were, they were doing it for information so they could "be in the know"), but I won't be giving names... that's my little secret against them... maybe I truly like you but can't get close because you're closer to them, maybe I'm just a fake nice to you, or maybe I deeply despise you yet still give you that smile as you walk by but I could also JUST deeply despise you.
that and who knows if they actually read this. even if they do, hope this gets the message across to them that hey! maybe you finally crossed someone that isn't going to go for your shit any longer and you need to grow up, get out of high school (cause I'm sorry that either high school sucked for you or you didn't have much of a life in high school that you're looking for a high school environment in college), and suck it cause I ain't your bitch no more.

Gahhh okay whatever. But I gotta say, I love creative writing just because it's actually gotten me interested in writing in this blog again and it's really been a good way to vent lately.

** to the people who did help me through EVERYTHING. You guys are truly angels in my eyes. While we all have flaws, you guys are true friends for being there for me and have taught me who my true friends really are. You guys have kept me sane, kept pushing me to move forward, and if I didn't have you and had parents that raised me to be strong, I might have been one of them girls on the news who killed themselves from bullying.
So I'm grateful that we met and you became my friend and that we talk and that I can count on you.

to end this on a good note, I haven't said this to many people but


SO excited for my friend big family vacation that wasn't just to nor cal.

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