Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I believe...

It was a Power Write in Creative Writing today and i feel I didn't do it justice in class, so here goes

PowerWrite 6/1
I believe in a friendship that means pulling a friend out of their home to go to the movies and then end up at BJs to watch the Lakers game, I believe in dancing and singing and jumping around my room to music in the middle of the night, I believe in staying up past midnight when you have an 8 am lab, I believe that someday something will get you if you piss someone off, I believe in holding your head up high after you've been beaten, I believe in not letting other people continue to beat you and put you down, don't let them win, never let them win because you're just as strong and you can win if you have the desire to, I believe in never letting the words of others make you quit at something that is challenging, I believe the best kind of learning is to learn something new and different, not the old stuff, not the stuff we've been forced to cram into our minds since we were in kindergarden, learn something different, something new something that proves that all we needed to know we learned in kindergarden, I believe in one god the father almighty creator of heaven and earth, I believe in not following the bible to a t, God gave me a mind, let me use it, let me explore and let God guide me through my troubles and my faults, I believe in love not boyfriend girlfriend love, but love from friends and love from family, the love that always is pushed to the side and ignored on valentines day, the love that you get from helping a man that is struggling by giving him a dollar or the love you get from friends as they try to show how that person hurting you is blank blank blank, fill in bad word here, I believe that Harry Potter has a deeper message and no matter what can never be compared to Twilight, I believe that people are all beautiful, but I still want to be skinnier, I believe people change and can become worst than they first appear, I believe that all truth is not the full truth, I believe that people can be stupid, I believe that I've only begun to learn who I am and will only truly find myself with the help of people at my side to push me and help me grow into a person I want to become, I believe all people have a part of themselves they hate or despise or wish they were something else, I believe that a people should have the right to choose their partner, because they have the right to be happy, I believe that drinking everyday of the week is stupid, especially if you're paying for all of it and only drinking in the dorms, go to a party you fool! I believe relationship involve work and dedication, I believe that staying up all night to console a friend is a better use of your time than sleeping, I believe in staying up all night to do homework because I can sleep when I'm dead, I believe in expression yourself and that showing that you're a little geeky or nerdy is a good thing. I believe creativity is important to keep the mind from becoming the burnt fry in the frier.

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