Sunday, May 16, 2010

Yes I know I'm slackin...

I've SLACKED a lot on this blog. A lot of it had to do with whatdaya know, high school kind of drama.
That and cs 12 is HELL sometimes and with a math professor that barley knows how to teach... gah. and if it's not cs12 homework, it's creative writing hw... go figure, but i'll admit i do enjoy this class a lot! :D
Housing is okay, I think I've finally come to a decision on what I'm doing for sure on housing which is good since I've been "kicked out" of my original apartment, which is part of this whole drama shite.
And because of the fun stuff lately, I've just been keeping busy trying to get my GPA up... :[ boo you freakin GPA
but must say, thank you for the music Derek. really did help I was actually afraid it was going to be like a screamo by the title though. (go ahead and look at me in shame for not knowing Primal Scream).

Now I'm just looking forward to moving out of the dorms and getting to bigger and better in my life. It really is starting to get better now that I've started to just go to class and then spend the rest of my time in my room but I do leave to go hang out with some people still, but it is just more hanging out with engineering guys and the amazing girls i met on A side! :D
That and trying to figure out new things to do with my computer... like I found ialertu for my mac and it is pretty damn cool if I do say so myself, even though it ends up making my computer like a car... haha
and this polaroid option, pretty fun shit! :D
see! it's looks like it was taken with the favorite polaroid camera. hehe

and then some of them are kinda cool cause they come out with finger prints and stuff.
but ehh, just waiting for summer now.

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