Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why do I always post before CS quizzes

That's an easy one, I'm avoiding my work to mess around. I think I'll go study now.
And I need to finish my Creative Writing essay tomorrow and un-sign my housing contract tomorrow. Hopefully I do both.
I know for sure housing. We'll see about Creative Writing. But I should to go show my TA once more before it's due Friday at 11pm

Riju came by Riverside today. It was fun, hanging out with Riju and Adam again. I never really think I'd say it, but life surprises me. We've all changed because of new experiences but conversations were still the same kind, they talk most of the time and I just laugh.
We headed to the UV, had dinner, and I got this guy! :D
Bandana was from battle of the halls, i slapped a fellow engineer. hehe

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