Saturday, October 16, 2010

It's been some time now

I've been busy. I keep wanting to post more but life gets in the way. done with 3 weeks of school and so over it...
Oh being a Sophomore... :/
But there have been a lot of college first.

First -
all nighter 10/12/10
going to office hours (this year)
ending up crying about possibility of failure
seeing MY advisor
dropping a class... chem 1a
actually standing up to the TA's snide comments
standing up for myself in general
taking a shot
taking a shot with kelly cash
trying beer
college party
college kickback

and I gotta admit, when I started thinking about it. I somehow feel more comfortable about speaking up this year. It's good but same time I'm afraid one time it'll get me in trouble. Then again my cs and physics ta are both really kinda douche. CS is just a pain and Physics he's good but freaking LOVE to pick on my group the second I DON'T know the answer... and my group doesn't seem to know either... :/ ehh

hopefully this year starts to turn around now though. Especially since I've given myself back 7 hours of class time and means more time to focus on my other classes. Wish me luck.

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