Friday, July 9, 2010

summer 2010

I found my love for reading again, but before I pick up another book I feel like I should be studying.

I finished she's so dead to us the other day. good stuff. glad i read it first. really a break my brain needed, not much to think about, light reading for me. but i really feel like I should be reading about computer science, since I did read every dang page and I haven't done any programing since the final D: ...

but at the same time I still need to read 2 private novels before the next one is out in august. I have to read and actually finish a John Green novel cause I keep starting but not finishing, I want to re-read harry potter 7 for the movie, and i got a new one at Costco the other day which I'm excited about. I should get going on this stuff...

gah cs. you would do this to me.

and i gotta say, what's up with no sun in Torrance?!

past couple days have been nothing but gloomy days. Newsflash. We're not in JUNE anymore... there is no heat either... ehh maybe that's what Riverside and Hawaii's weather has done to me.

Hawaii. i need to post pictures. someone besides my uncle bugg me for them! lol

but good news, Disneyland in two weeks. hopefully Six flags with some amazing people soon, and wedding this sunday for a cousin I don't remember but I love to get dressed up!! :D I found a dress at Sears and I'm pretty much in love with it. It's so purtty! :D

oh and to add to the check list, I need to get my hair done again... even my dad's been saying so. he keeps making fun of it too... :[ but i'm used to it.

I need to see Toy Story 3 still too! but dispicable me with Julie tomorroww!! :DD

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  1. I also need to see Toy Story 3. Try Annie's blog for a preview that will get you excited.

    I suggest you try An Abundance of Katherines. It's pretty good.