Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Neville Longbottom's birthday...

The almost-boy who lived. haha
I can't lie, I thought about this little fact in my head for like 5 out of my 30 min walk or whatnot. haha so lame sometimes... x_x
but ya. I enjoyed a walk to North, crashed the dance class with Tiffani.
ATTEMPTED to do a contemporary Ballet after not dancing for an entire year.
Got a ride to 7-11 and walked home with a 2 dollar slurppee!
and got home to see the verison people just finishing.
I want my vios and new internet already.

I'm hoping it'll fix my crappy internet from going in and out all the time as well as the slow speed depending on the location in the house. we'll see though.
oh ya and the fact i can't get onto like 2 websites. no idea why either. stupid technology sometimes... saids the computer engineering major haha
"A Computer is only as smart as its user"

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