Friday, January 8, 2010

Yay for Comments!

This was going to be titled so differently, but then I found I had comments! yay! ;]

so thanks for them you who do/have read. that was nice to see! :]

but anyways, I've slightly changed my news years resolution.
Instead of blogging EVERY day, at LEAST 3 times a week... on a good week anyway. Midterms and finals well that might not be as possible... haha
At the same time, I plan to go to the gym at LEAST 2twice a week.
So far so good. :]

Dorm life, as much as it is good to be back, also means the stress is gaining. I can tell. SO MUCH READING AND SO LITTLE SLEEP!! :[

bleh bleh bleh bleh.


and Heat music festival! ;]

The hall is also beginning Assassins.

Everyday there is a safety item and each person has someone they're in charge of killing. and the spoon is the weapon. and can only kill them with the weapon when they don't have their safe item on them. There are some other rules like when you can kill someone and can't and ect. but I'm also pretty excited. We'll see how this turns out! :]

The Game of hiding Jamiroquai continues.
This was completely Kelly's idea that hiding spot. He was missing for a while though but Amber finally found him with a lot of hints.
"I swear he's here... Oo, A quarter!"

And it's Anfoknee! :] with a PANDA cup!


  1. We played assassins. I failed really badly, didn't even last the first day. The guy who killed me was all intense about it. The weapon was a clean, rolled up sock that he started carrying around with him.

    I am so glad I can actually claim to have a life now, at least one that doesn't involve me carrying around a sock.


    Ahah, we played assassins too and it was terrible for me because I lost in the matter of about half a day. My friend ninja'd about five people in one day, but still lost in the end. This game gets people really worked up lol.