Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years Resolution Already FAILED...

I told myself I was going to blog every night. I kind of doubt it's possible, especially b/c my hall is always up so dang late and once homework starts to kill me again... Which I know it will. Especially CS 10.
but since I've been gone, Finals week was hell.
Winter Break was nice. and i feel so much fatter cause of it.

WENT to the beach! :]

Sarah's Debut was fun. good times! :] Sleepover and Buster...

Karaoke and Smart Water and Fro Yo

Christmas I got money AGAIN!! :] YAY!

Grandma and Grandpa had their 50th anniversary. It wasn't too bad except for $100 WATER!!! WTF... and my uncle always taking the food before I could reach it...

And went to the Snow! :] This place was on the way to Lake Taho. and was during the 10 days in no cal.

Moving back into the dorms kind of sucked. Means no more wii and Band Hero and wifi and unlimited food, and a big bed.
But I was glad to be back after my family went home and it was just me with the dorm hanging. It was as if we've never left. It was good to be back to see everyone and such.
There's a new member of B3, she's pretty cool and she's fitting right in.
First day of class was well tech. yesterday and wasn't bad at all. I'm scared for Wednesday, that's going to be one hell of a day... I hate labs already. 3 hours of class... straight! for lab anyway.
We'll see how his all works out...

and to close out 2009 I'm stealing this from *Donna!!*

2009: In the beginning

Where did you bring in the New Year? in Torrance.
Who were you with? Family
Did you kiss anyone at midnight? Family
Did you make any resolutions? none that I remember

2009: Your love life
Did you break up with anyone? nope
Did you get anything for Valentine’s day? candy
Did you meet anyone special? nope

2009: Friends and enemies
Did you meet any new friends this year? Yes. Thanks to College and that my dorm is social.
Did any of your friendships end? Feels like it but nothing like I hate you and i'll never talk to you kinds
Did you dislike anyone? YES
Did you make any new enemies? Not sure.
Did you resolve any fights? YES
Who was your closest friend? I like Donna's Answer... but mine DAMSLE
Who did you grow apart from? Many people it feels like, thanks to college again
Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships? some.

2009: Your birthday
Did you have a cake? yes i did costco
What did you do for your birthday? pool party, actual day was disney world
Did you have a party? yes
Did you get any presents? my graduation/birthday party
If so what was the best thing you got? I got some nice shirts! :]

2009: All about you
Did you change at all this year? I agree with Donna's statement about becoming cynical. I have changed I think.
Did you dye your hair? Noe
Did you get your hair cut? Yes
Did you change your style? not really just shorter than usual.
Were you in school? Yes. Senior year and Freshmen year
Did you get good grades? 3.0 and above good then yes
Did you have a job? no
Do you drive? no
Did you own a car? yes
Did anyone close to you gave birth? No one close, but old friends did.
Did you move at all? to UCR yes
Did you go on any vacations? To FLORIDA! :]
Would you change anything about yourself now? Yes

2009: Wrap up
Is 2009 a good year? I see 2009 A VERY GOOD YEAR! :] Senior year, graduation, college, and just so much more was done than I typically did.
Did 2009 bring any new insights? Many actually.
Do you think 2010 will top 2009? Not sure, but it should be fun! :]

"**taken from Linda, whose blog I frequent (however, it is on tumblr and we cannot cross pollinate"

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  1. a) What does Smart Water mean?
    b) I feel you about no WiFi. I will definitely miss it. Good thing I bought a spare Ethernet cord.
    c) Grades sound decent. What's CS 10?